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2008-07-06 12:26:00 :: A new version of Tremors Stockroom wad is now avaiable under version 1.4. I added deep water effect to the streaming lava river next to main playground. Aside from that once youŽre inside the lava the area will turn red. But in order for you to test this extra you will need to sacrifice yourself by jumping in the lava. So even if I didnŽt color the lava, youŽll still be seeing a red color: that would be the blood that goes in front of your eyes while deing. Good luck swimming!

2008-07-04 13:25:25 :: The newsletters functionality is now active. Once you subscribe to our newsletter mailinglist an email will be send to you every now and then when I feel like updating you guys.

2008-06-22 12:22:10 :: Gsor's Doom is now officially released. Eventhough not all main functionalities are completed, the wads-page is avaiable. And I felt like I shouldn't keep that from you guys. You can start download them now. I will soon add more wads and more goodies to this website. Enjoy!

2008-06-14 12:21:12 :: Got good news for those who really cannot wait. I uploaded three wads I created. You can download them via 'My wads' in the middle. So this includes the wadfile itself. It's no longer just the screenshots. But of course I suggest you should check out the screenshots as well.

2008-05-30 12:21:07 :: Got this small update for you guys. I have uploaded some screenshots of my own wads. They are available in the middle at 'My wads'.You can click those now. Yet, all you'll be seeing is the banner of that wad. The rest of this page is just the same. Still building!

2008-05-21 11:23:59 :: Teaser page of Gsor's Doom became available today. There is nothing much to do here yet but to look at the site setup as I intend to offer this to the world. Very soon you'll find all my wads here as I've created so far. So I beg you to be just a little patient and give me the time I need to get everything done.

Nine to Five

Since I got the hang of building in nullspaces I lifted this wad to a different level. Nine to five is compact. It's actually a small wad in my standards. The engine it operates on is Doom2. So there are no fancy new monsters to be found like in skulltag. But it will give you just the right amount of space, ammo, lives and monsters to have 10 to 15 minutes of fun.

Doomload the wad here.

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